FLORES DE DÍA - Cosmetic Case
$ 33.00

Perfect for anyone on-the-go, this Ixil Maya cosmetics case features traditional Mayan symbols handwoven into a beautiful, compact pouch. The artisans of the Ixil Maya use brightly-colored, all-natural fibers and dyes to make this a stand-out piece (you can't miss it at the bottom of your bag). Durable, pragmatic, and stunning, the Huipils Cosmetic Bag is lovingly crafted to fit all of life’s essentials.

Handmade in Guatemala.

3 1/4" x 9 1/2" x 6 1/4" 

About Guatemala

Guatemala has its roots planted in the heart of the Mayan Civilization which was one of the most advanced civilizations of it’s time with one of the earliest known written languages in the western world. The culture of Guatemala reflects Mayan and Spanish influences. Because of this, modern Guatemalan art is rich in color but subtle enough for every day use. Our Guatemalan products are extremely intricate in detail and made by hand for a truly artisan feel.


About Fair Trade

Fair Trade is more than just equitable wages. Fair Trade is about equality, sourcing transparency, and respect for talent. We empower artisans to create one of a kind products in safe working conditions with sustainable pay. What this means is no workplace exploitation for the sole purpose of profit.

Genesis Fair Trade is proud to adhere by Fair Trade principals and promote empowerment of people around the world.